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Cooking with Stanley FAQs

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How do I control the heat on the hotplate?

The heat set for the main oven determines the amount of heat generated on the hot plate. The temperature is graduated onto the hot plate. In the cooker-only models, the hottest part is directly over the burner and gradually decreases towards the right. On the Brandon the hottest part is nearer the centre directly above the cooker burner, again decreasing to the right.

Can I cook toast on the hotplate?

We recommend you use the main oven to make toast by setting the temperature to 190°C / 200°C and using your grill pan on the top shelf.  This browns and crisps like a conventional grill and cooks through at the same time. Keep the oven door closed to avoid a grilling odour in the kitchen.

When baking will I need to turn a cake?

The side of the cooker closest to the burner will be slightly hotter, so you will need to turn it at least once.

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