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Cooking with Stanley FAQs

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Is the lower oven only a warming oven?

The lower oven operates at half the temperature of the main oven in both the Brandon and Donard, making it ideal for slow cooking dishes such as stews, casseroles and meringues.

What type of cookware do I need to use?

For the best cooking performance, a heavy based machine ground pot or pan is essential. The Stanley range of cast iron cookware has been specifically designed to optimise range cooking performance and the Stanley hotplate is machine ground for maximum heat transfer to your cookware.

What is the advantage of the simmer plate?

The simmer plate is very useful for keeping vegetables, sauces, gravy etc. on a gentle simmer while completing the rest of the meal or carving roasts. Leaving a kettle of water on the simmer plate gives you a continuous supply of hot water. Make sure your kettle is always full. The Brandon's simmer plate now features a stylish chrome cover.

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