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Cooking with Stanley FAQs

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How many dishes can be cooked together on a)hotplate and b) in the ovens?

a) The Stanley hotplate is generous in size and will fit four average size pots at any one time with a smaller pot on the simmering plate.

b) In the Brandon, Donard and Comeragh you can begin by cooking a number of dishes in the main oven.  After a time, you can put the quicker cooking dishes in the lower oven to free the main oven for another dish. The amount of dishes that can be used for cooking in the oven or on the hotplate will vary depending on the size of the cookware.

What is the cooling down time for the main oven?

The oven cools down at a rate of 2ºC per minute at higher temperatures and 1ºC per minute below 150ºC.

How long does it take for a cooker to become cold?

It can take up to four hours for a cooker to cool down. As cooling down time is quite slow, dishes such as casseroles work out economically; after a very short time you can turn off the cooker and allow the food to continue cooking slowly for several hours.

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